Physical business cards are a thing of the past . . .

Go digital and share your contact details in just a second !

Scan, Save, Share. Repeat !


Pocket vCard is a drop-in replacement for traditional business cards. Physical business cards can be misplaced but the contact saved with Pocket vCard stays with you forever.

Imagine how much business you lose if you run out of your business card. Never run out of business cards when you are on a business trip or attending a conference.

Pocket vCard supports iOS and Android devices.

PDF Business Card

Order a unique PDF Business Card which you can share to someone over email or Whatsapp or upload it to your website. The recipient just needs to download the pdf file to their phone and tap to the appropriate link to use any channel they want to use to contact you.

Quickly Share via QR Code

  1. Open the Pocket vCard app and go to Home, a QR Code will appear. Show that to the person with whom you wish to share your contact details.
  2. That person will scan the QR code shown on your screen using the Scan button in their Pocket vCard app.
  3. That’s it ! Details can be saved in the phone’s native Contacts app

Contact Change Notifications

With this exclusive feature if any of your contacts change their details in future, you will be notified with the updated details and you can save the same. Similarly when you change your details your contacts will be notified about the updated details.
Note: You can choose who should be notified when you change your details.

Share as a Link

Share your contact details as a link. The person with whom your share the link just needs to tap the link and it will open in the Pocket vCard app on their phone and they will get your contact details.

Share as an Image

Export the contact QR Code as an image and add it to your website header/footer or you can also print the QR Code and stick it on your desk or at your Conference booth so anyone visiting you can simply scan the QR Code and get your contact details.

Contactless Sharing

In the wake of Covid-19 it is very risky to collect business card from the people you meet. You never know if someone is unknowingly an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. When you take the business card you also take the virus with it.

Pocket vCard ensures contactless sharing of your contact details by just holding your respective phones in your hands and scanning using the camera.

Privacy Guaranteed

We respect your privacy, your contact details will never be shared with anyone without your permission.
Your data is completely safe with us and you do not need to worry about data theft. We follow strong security policies on our servers.

Best Suited for Conferences

Never run out of business cards when you are on a business trip or attending a conference. Pocket vCard aims at saving your time in sharing your contact details, so you can use that time to deliver your million dollar sales pitch.

Contacts are Safe in the Cloud

Lost your Phone ? Phone Crashed ? Don’t worry. All the contacts you scanned via Pocket vCard are safe and will be available as soon as you login on a new phone. One tap and all contacts will be saved again in your native contacts app.


Pocket vCard is compatible with iOS as well as Android.
Download now and start managing your contacts the modern way.


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About Us

At Pocket vCard, we understand the value of time, so we work round the clock to craft features that will save your time.
We make it easy for you to manage contacts so you can focus on other important things that will help your business grow.
As the saying goes Time Saved is Time Earned !!

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