Benefits of a Digital Visiting Card

According to Forbes, in today's technology driven world over 20% of businesses are active on the digital platform and over 70% of businesses either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. Over the time this percentage is only going to increase and it will be inevitable to have a digital presence in the coming years. When everything is digital why not your visiting card.

What is a Digital Visiting Card ?

Digital visiting card (also known as a vCard) is your virtual identity with your contact details which is saved in the cloud. Your can share your contact details to your business associate, colleague a potential customer or a friend in a matter of seconds. Your vCard can contain information like your name, email address, phone number, postal address, website address, company name, social media profiles and more.

What are the Benefits ?

Ease of Access

A digital visiting card is always with you. Just unlock your phone and you have your vCard ready to share. No chance of forgetting your visiting card when you are meeting your important client or attending a conference. Forgetting your visiting card while attending a conference can result in a loss off business opportunities.

Overall Effective

According to a study, 70% of the physical visiting cards are discarded in trash within a week. But if you share your digital visiting card your details reaches directly to the phone of your potential client eventually increasing chances of working together exponentially. Similarly no need to accumulate physical visiting cards of your associates just scan your contacts and you have their details.

Save Costs

Avoid the cost of printing hundreds of physical visiting cards, instead you just use the same vCard to share details with hundreds of people. Changed your phone number of address ? No need to discard existing visiting cards and print new ones, just edit your vCard and your details are updated.

Contactless Sharing

In the wake of Covid-19 collecting physical visiting cards can lead to collecting the virus from an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Digital visiting card ensures contact less sharing by just sharing the contact details by holding your phones in your respective hands.

Remote Sharing

In order to share your physical visiting card you need to meet in person. However a digital visiting card can be shared over the internet from one part of the world to another.

Avoid Typing Mistakes

Reading the contact details from a physical visiting card and typing on your phone can lead to a typing mistake. Digital visiting card ensures there is zero human error by saving the contact details directly to your phone.

How does Pocket vCard help ?

Pocket vCard is a mobile app to create your digital visiting card and share the same. Install the app on your iOS device or Android device and create your digital visiting card. A QR Code will be generated which you can flash on your phone and your business associate, potential client, colleagues or friends can scan with your Pocket vCard app and get your details directly to your phone in just a second.

Notifications of Contact Details Changed

Pocket vCard adds an additional layer of advantage with the exclusive contact change notification feature. If any of your contacts change their details in future, you will be notified on your phone with the updated details and you can save the same. Similarly when you change your details your contacts will be notified about the updated details.
Note: You can choose who should be notified when you change your details.

So no need to worry about notifying hundreds of contacts when you change your details. Just update your details in the Pocket vCard app and all your contacts will be notified with your new details and they can save the details on their phone.

Download Pocket vCard

Use the below options to download Pocket vCard on your iOS or Android device.