Manage Digital Contacts in your Native Language

We are happy to announce that Pocket vCard is now available in 16 languages. The languages supported are listed below :

  1. English
  2. Hindi (हिंदी)
  3. French (Français)
  4. German (Deutsch)
  5. Spanish (Español)
  6. Italian (Italiano)
  7. Russian (русский)
  8. Japanese (日本人)
  9. Slovak (Slovák)
  10. Turkish (Türk)
  11. Arabic (عربى)
  12. Hungarian (Magyar)
  13. Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia)
  14. Polish (Polski)
  15. Portuguese (Português)
  16. Chinese (中文)

Isn't it nice to use an app in your native language ? We at Pocket vCard understand the importance of having the app Multilingual. It feels like home when you read in your favourite language.

Didn't find your language ? Just email us at [email protected] and we will add your language immediately.

What is Pocket vCard ?

Pocket vCard is a mobile app to create your digital visiting card and share the same. Install the app on your iOS device or Android device and create your digital visiting card. A QR Code will be generated which you can flash on your phone and your business associate, potential client, colleagues or friends can scan with your Pocket vCard app and get your details directly to your phone in just a second.

Download Pocket vCard

Use the below options to download Pocket vCard on your iOS or Android device.